Project Lumina has partnered with several organizations and people who are also doing work to increase the well-being of people living in and around San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  Your support of Project Lumina also supports these incredible organizations.

Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries For All  A Colorado-based, tax-exempt, charitable foundation established in 2003 to support the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca and to promote lending libraries in Central America. The San Juan del Sur location is the hub of the Biblioteca Movil which provides books to 32 communities around San Juan del Sur.


Nicaragua Surf Lessons by Oliver Soliz 

Based in San Juan del Sur, Oliver Soliz Surfing Expeditions, is here to meet all of your surfing needs, from instruction to board selection.  Having grown up in Nicaragua Oliver and his instructors are local surfers who know every nook and cranny of the Nicaraguan coastline.  “Surfing is more than just a sport, it is more than the rush, it’s a way of life and the means to a better future.”

Jane Mirandette

What would we do without  Jane? Jane is the founder and CEO of the H J H Libraries For All Program.  Without her dedication, structure and knowledge, Project Lumina would not exist the way that it does today.  Jane and her organization are the backbone to Project Lumina.   Librarian, humanitarian, and hostess extradonaire!  Thankfully, the one thing she is not good at is retiring. There is no one in San Juan del Sur who doesn’t know and love Jane. Jane touches countless lives each and every day including our own lives and the lives of our Luministas. We are so glad you are part of our tribe!

Los Quinchos Orphanage for Boys and for Girls

¡ Nunca más un niño en la calle !

Founded in 1991 in Nicaragua by Zelinda Roccia, an Italian woman, the ’Los Quinchos’ project gives hospitality to abandoned and mistreated children. It has an articulate and dynamic structure based on the passionate work of around forty people counting educators, psychologists, craftsmen, assistants and administration personnel, all of whom are Nicaraguan. The project is supported by basic solidarity, through the Italian Committees and Associations of the Adda, of Bolzano, Brescia, Cagliari and Florence, whose volunteers are engaged in spreading the word about the project and promoting a culture of peace and solidarity between Nations. Enthusiastic contribution from volunteers and international groups from various Countries helps the Project grow, as a shared battle against injustice. The goal is to reinsert children in their own society offering them access to human rights they have been denied up to now: the right to a peaceful childhood and the knowledge of their rights and duty as future citizens.

Long Boarding For Peace

Longboarding for Peace is a movement forward. We embody the spirit of all that is good and pure about Longboarding. We empower people to step on, step up and make great things happen in their communities. We strive to increase joy and happiness, and decrease pain and suffering. Our goal is to build a global Peace Army of 50,000 people. Each of us will commit at least one act of kindness every single day. This will generate over 20 million acts of kindness per year.

Through kindness, camaraderie and the true spirit of Longboarding, we’ll make the world a better place.

Project Lumina has been focused mainly on surfing in Nicaragua as the catalyst for change and growth. However, thanks to a generous donation by Never Summer Industries and our partnership with Longboarding For Peace we have our first 6 long boards. A group of our Luministas were able to help pick them up and get their first taste of what it feels like to ride a concrete wave rather than a wave made of water.

Long Boards donated by Never Summer!

Long Boards donated by Never Summer!

We are excited to be able to donate the longboards to the kids at the Los Quinchos orphanage in Nicaragua in June 2016 in order to share the joy of longboarding with the children there.  Many have never seen longboards so this will truly be an amazing opportunity for growth and sharing for us and them.

Never Summer’s reputation of quality and durability began in the early years of snowboarding. Designing and building snowboards since 1983 has given us years of experience in testing and perfecting our snowboard designs and construction methods. We’ve recently taken this experience building snowboards and brought it to the world of longboarding. The end result of our experience coupled with a close working relationship with the world’s leading raw materials manufacturers and engineers allows us to bring you the most durable, high performance boards on the planet! Each board is carefully handcrafted in our Denver, Colorado factory to precision tolerances. Our domestic manufacturing and our ability to improve upon existing technologies resulted in Never Summer being awarded the first patent on any type of hybrid camber technology. We allow only the world’s best snowboard shops to sell our products.

Project Waves of Optimism

Project Wave of Optimism firmly believes that international surf travel has a profound impact upon the local populations of Latin American surf destinations. However, few coordinated efforts have attempted to use this opportunity to support locally-led development initiatives. In light of this, Project WOO commits to work in the area of critical overlap between surf tourism presence and host community efforts to improve their quality of life. - See more at:


Donate or Support Us

If you would like to learn more or partner with Project Lumina please Contact Us.  We also have a list of items we need to make our programs rock:

  • Knee pads and helmets for longboards
  • Soft top surfboards
  • Sheets / bedding and clothing for Los Quinchos Girls specifically need personal hygiene products, and bras and underwear.
  • Rash Guards
  • Sunscreen
  • More long boards

We couldn’t do it without you!

We at Project Lumina have been blessed by friends and families that have supported us from the very beginning. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you!