Valuable Lessons

Hi, my name is Sadie Havens and I’m one of eight lucky girls to take part in Project Lumina this summer. Traveling to Nicaragua has been one of the most challenging and life changing experiences that I have encountered. The past ten days have been packed with fun memories and activities that I will never forget. In my opinion, Thursday had been my favorite day because it gave me a chance to be grateful for everything I have.

We began our day with breakfast and then we made our way to the San Juan del Sur Bibliotheca, where I was able to do what I love most; work with several people with disabilities. Many often label disabled persons as being worthless or helpless things that are not capable of doing anything. Even though these people were born with impediments, the work that the disabled Nicaraguans completed easily proved their capability to do more than sit on the couch and do nothing. The disabled people were working hard at stitching and creating bags that were being sold to support their program. They were excellent at sewing and they each had their own pace at completing their own bags. We were there mainly to support them in what they were doing, and not to help them actually make the bags. This is a good thing because I doubt any of us Luministas would even be able to help with the actual creation of the products. I found so much joy in attempting to talk to these sweet beings even when they would only give me a big grin and would just stare at me when I asked them a question. A handful of individuals had downs syndrome, a few others had cerebral palsy, one was seated in a wheel chair, for she was unable to walk, and one was deaf. With these restrictions in their ability to do certain things only shows how strong and amazing they are. It also was an eye opening experience as many people often criticize their bodies for things they cannot do or how our bodies look. This gave me an opportunity to have gratitude for my body and everything that I am able to do because there is so much to be thankful for. I encourage you, whoever are reading this, to focus more on having gratitude for everything life has given you instead of focusing on the negative.

On that note, I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to come on this trip and I’m thankful for my seven new friends that I get to learn several valuable lessons with.