To Experience First Hand...

Posting from Maddie Wells on our experience at the Quincho Orphanage:

Some tears definitely followed our trip to the orphanage a couple days ago. While our experience was nothing but positivity and fun, we were exposed to some stories we couldn’t even imagine. As we reflected on it later that night we were able to talk and help each other through the different reactions and feelings that were just starting to set in. It was very eye opening to see the life at the orphanage and even how it varied from the boys and the girls. As we were bringing cookies and milk to the boys we had to keep reusing the cups because there wasn’t enough for everyone, we even taxied back a couple days’ worth of rice and beans as they didn’t even have food for dinner that night. It made me fell just gut wrenching sadness and anger at the world, and worthlessness at the fact that I can’t do much more to help these children. It’s something you can hear and read about but it’s still nothing like being there to experience it yourself. Even writing my emotions seem like a colossal understatement to what I felt. Even with all tears I was glad, and think most of the girls were too, to be able to experience it.

Dad and B.C:
I hope all is well at home and I love you guys and miss you guys so much! I even miss an ol’ red dog licking my elbow ;)