The Complexities and Joys of Surfing!

Have you ever gone surfing? If you haven't, then get on it. Yesterday was our 5th day of surfing and already we are all able to stand up. It is an amazing and indescribable feeling to essentially be walking (or standing) on water. Though the price isn't cheap: you have to get your board (which note is bigger than you) out to the ocean while trying to avoid being tumbled, and "seeing" through salt filled eyes, until you can find a break in the swells, in which then you haul your butt out to sea farther by paddling as fast as you can in order to beat the next swell, then you paddle even farther out to the where the rest of the group is waiting, then you get in line and wait for your turn to paddle back the way you just came to Oliver (our surf instructor) in which you wait longer to find a suitable wave, then you calm yourself down, get in position, and get ready for him to tell you when to paddle and stand up. But it’s all worth it (for the most part), because you’re standing and you’re crouching down to keep balance, and you're trying to keep the smile off your face so that you don't get water in your mouth, but also to focus, because so many things are happening at once and you're happening to stay up, and your happy, yet a million and one thoughts are going on your head, but now you've crashed or fallen or slipped. So you then repeat the process with varying levels of difficulty, and you're thinking back to your last wave and trying to remember how it felt, but you can't remember because out of all the things that were going on in your mind, memory didn't make the cut, all the more reason to get out there and do it again, all you can remember is that it was awesome and you want to try it again.

Surfing is just yet another thing to experience, and as I've just explained, it can contain many things. Though one thing that it got me thinking about is indifference/indecision. When you're out there you don't have time to weigh your choices, you have to act or it could cost you your safety, others safety, your comfort, or even your regret. Just like surfing, life doesn't have time for your uncertainty, though the consequences might not be as steep or come as fast, their still there. I encourage you to dive) into life with certainty and the ability to know what you want, and to go and get it, you can pass life by just like you could pass up a great wave, but that cost might just might be your happiness.

-Sierra K.

Love you Mom and Dad!! See you soon!