Sad To Say Goodbye

--Sofia Quinteiro

I believe I am the person wrapping up the blog for this trip. Waking up this morning came with a feeling of dread. The last day of anything can be equally sad and also beautiful. We took a trip up to the statue of Jesus this morning, partially because it was something we’d wanted to do earlier, and also because we needed to do a little more spiritual, soul-searching work. We all took a rock from the beach to represent a burden that we carried or something we wanted to let go of. Some of the other girls, a year younger than myself, may have chosen their childhood, since they are now making the transition into high school. Personally, I was letting go of a really stressful year, and the feeling of not mattering in the world. We all took the almost completely vertical hike up the mountain and hurled our burdens into the ocean below (figuratively and literally). Then we all took a much smaller stone, and made a wish. I held the small stone in between my hands and whispered hopes and prayers into my fingers. My mind raced as I made the wish to simply be happier. That’s something I’ve wanted for a while, and I still strive for it every day. 

Today was also unfortunately our last day of surfing. As the sunset we pleaded not to leave. We clung to our boards and let the tide slowly carry us in. I know the trip isn’t over yet, but I still have all these fears. Maybe I can’t come back. Maybe I’ll never get to go surfing again. But then I remember. I have found home here. I will always return, one way or another. I found a part of me here that I thought was gone, the ability to feel horrible about something, and yet have it be inspiring at the same time. This is merely a beginning disguised as an end. This group, this organization, this family, is just getting started. 

I can’t wait to be a mentor for a new Luminista next year, and I can’t wait to come back. I’m so glad I have added this new piece to my life and my soul. 
Note to family: Hey guys (Mom, Vivi, Grandma, Martha anyone else who might actually read this) I miss you but I know I’m going to miss Nicaragua too. I’ll see you guys tomorrow! I love you! Tell Isis and Aladdin that I love them! (They can’t understand but who cares?) 
P.s: RACHELLL I hope you read this we miss you so much! Love you to the moon and back!