Rainbow Girls

Rainbow Girls: (by Abi Bosworth)

On Saturday and Sunday, we Luminista’s had one of the greatest experiences I have ever done in my life. We got to meet six girls from the group called Rainbow Girls. 

At first, I was so iffy on the whole situation. Meeting six girls from a different country sounded a little awkward and nerve racking. On Saturday, we woke up and got ready to meet the girls. We all came downstairs to the main lobby of the hotel and there were the Rainbow Girls. They all looked so shy and quiet, where we, Luministas, were acting like total dorks. We all made our way over to the library to start our long day work unpacking books and helping out around the library. While there, we were all working hard and trying to make conversation with one another. I had a Spanish cheat sheet that I used for almost everything, trying to ask questions to get to know the girls. After we were done with the Library, all 12 of us girls went to hang out at the beach. Then, we came back to the hotel and played Marco Polo. By then, the girls were now laughing and having a great time. For dinner, we went to a pizza place and ate 7 pizzas total! We played telephone, which was so funny because of the major language barrier. We got ice cream and then headed back to the hotel and went to sleep. 

The next day we all made our way to the orphanage. It was amazing seeing all of us collaborate to make these kids happy. Maddie will talk more about the orphanage in another post. After the orphanage we went to Tip-Top, which is the McDonalds of Nicaragua. We all then had some alone time and then met up with the girls again to have a spa night. We did each other’s nails and face mask, and listened to lots of Justin Bieber. Sadly, the night had to end and we had to say goodbye to the Rainbow Girls. We exchanged Facebook’s and Email’s so we can stay in touch.

This was such an amazing experience because even though there was a huge language barrier, we overcame the differences and had tons of fun together.

PS- Hi mom and dad, I miss you guys so much and I’m excited to see you guys soon! I hope you guys are doing well and tell Charlie and Perci hi! I’m so excited to tell you all about my trip. Love you both so so much!