Peace and Serenity


Hi Everyone! 
My name is Maeve Marley and I am one of the Project Lumina girls.

After a rough sixteen hours of travelling, we arrived in Nicaragua in the early hours of the morning. From there we made our way from the capital city of Managua, to a port on Lake Nicaragua. We then took a boat from the port to our own tiny island. We fell asleep just as the sun began to rise and began our first day just hours later. 

The island was calm and quiet, but not as remote as you may think. There were constantly people boating around from one tiny island to the other. The islands were usually no bigger than an average single-family house with some room for a small yard area. Those surrounding us were mostly uninhabited and covered with tall green trees. Later the first day we went in search of monkeys and were able to find and feed a family living on its own little island. 
Both mornings we woke up on the island we started our day with yoga and meditation. I found that clearing my mind was almost effortless. I had nothing to worry about, nowhere to go, and nothing important to do. As we began to do more complicated stretches and positions I learned how difficult it is to balance your body. Balance is something you have to search for, something that is constantly changing. 

From what I can tell, the purpose of these practices is to help us find our inner light and teach us how to bring that central spirit to the surface. This idea seemed silly to me at first but I’m slowly starting to realize how real this concept is. 

When I close my eyes, clear my mind, and give myself a moment to truly be at peace I re-enter the world a slightly better version of myself.