Los Pipitos

Today we went to Los Pipitos, a school for the disabled (adults and children). We woke up this morning, jumped in the back of a pickup truck and drove to the school. Right when we pulled up the kids came running out and jumped on the back of the truck. They were so excited to see us and it was really fun to see all of their smiles. We went inside and this little boy, who was super excited, started putting out chairs for us. Then we went around in a circle saying our names, how old we were, and something we liked to do. About half way through going through our names the Rainbow Girls walked in. They introduced themselves too and then we went on to some activities. First we did a picture book with movable stickers. I worked with a girl named Keyli who was 11 years old. She really liked picking up the stickers and did not like when they touched each other or covered each other up on the page. Then we did a bit of coloring. Keyli was very careful about coloring inside the lines. After ´we did a little work book all about things that they liked. Then we frosted cookies. Keyli really liked the frosting and always had a specific number of sprinkles that she wanted... the first time was four then the second time 5, I forget the other numbers. Afterwards we had a dance party. They played some music and we all gathered in the middle of the room and danced. One of Keyli's favorite things to do was dance, so she was having a blast. Then it became time to leave and they took all of the children and adults home (it wasn't a school day for them but they came and hung out with us anyways) and some of the girls went in. Nine of us piled into the back of the pickup truck and went to Hotel Villa Isabella.

Anna Barrow