Colorful Nicaragua!

We are sitting on the boat returning from our one night stay in Ometepe. The wind is blowing all of our ratty, unwashed, lake water filled hair and we are admiring Ometepe for what hopefully won’t be the last time.

After going through customs in Managua Wednesday night we drove two and a half hours to San Juan Del Sur. Even though we all crashed in the van, we swam in the hotel pool and stayed up late chatting.

The next morning, we woke up early (two hours too early at first because Abi's phone was on Miami time) and ate breakfast at the hotel. Then we left! We loaded up into the van and drove to the boat to get to the other van to take us to our hotel in Ometepe. We ate lunch at the hotel and promptly jumped in the lake. We swam until it rained. The rain here is unlike anything I have ever seen. It POORED. The rain was hard and fast, on and off, for at least an hour. Phoebe and I played cards in the gazebo until the rain started again, then we ran and dove for cover in the restaurant until the others joined us for "rules and reflection". We talked and wrote until dinner. After dinner we went to the downstairs room and played cards until bed.

This morning we met at the hotel restaurant at nine and got ready to hike right after. And then the rain began. It rained for at least an hour again this morning, delaying our hike and preventing us from kayaking.

When the rain did stop we went on a gorgeous hike through the jungle around our hotel. The competition for the first monkey sighting is still on. We swam in the lake again back at the hotel for about half an hour, then had to catch our ride back to town for the ferry. We ate a rushed lunch in town and caught the boat that we are on now.

- Maya

The trip has been great so far. Everyone is doing great. Apart from a few bumps and bruises there have been no injuries.

Hi Mom and Dad!

I am having a blast! Nicaragua is beautiful and the towns and homes are super colorful! I slipped and fell down the stairs yesterday, so I will have some "honor wounds (bruises)" to show off when I get home. It is great to swim in the water, and see the ocean. Dad, the rain is amazing! you would love the torrential down pours. The flights were easy, we hung out in the Miami airport for five hours and our team won at the treasure hunt. I am having fun with all of the girls and Jackie and Jennifer are great! I hope all is well in Denver. Tell Nolan that everyone hates braces, he is not the only one. Tell Cole to have fun at camp for me. Mom, have fun at the gymnastics meeting! Please tell me all about it when I get home. 
Love you all!